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Loretta Blackwell


Loretta Blackwell is a native New Hampshire artist whose primary focus is oil painting, floral cultivation, and design. Her versatility is evident in her proficiency in printmaking, mural art, and sculpture, showcasing a range of skills that contribute to her unique artistic style.

Loretta's upbringing in Bradford, NH, was just the beginning of her journey. She has lived and traveled internationally and nationwide, gaining diverse experiences that have influenced her art. She has found her way back to the NH area and currently resides in rural Hillsborough, NH, on her homestead with her husband, dog, and a growing gaggle of farm animals and gardens.

Loretta graduated from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2012 with a major in Fine Art and minors in Art History and Psychology. She began her artistic career in Boston & Worcester, MA. In Massachusetts, she began teaching and developing art programs for the Seven Hills Foundation while simultaneously showing artwork in various gallery spaces.

Viewers may notice that Loretta’s work seems different and that medical symbology is noted. This is because she started a new nursing path and is now a registered nurse, becoming fascinated by microscopic cellular structures. Loretta has a body of work wholly dedicated to abstract histology.

When asked about her artistic goals, Loretta states, “I am motivated by the ability to always challenge myself to become the best version of myself artistically. The duality of the human experience is an ever-present challenge in my work and the melding of my careers.” You can view her other bodies of work and current exhibitions on her website and Instagram.


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