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Not to toot our own horn but we are making a positive impact for the arts.

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Enriching Community Through the Arts
In the Lake Sunapee Region and Beyond

First and foremost, the Center for the Arts (CFA) supports art which we believe creates a thriving community. The CFA does this through a variety of ways, touching almost every aspect of the community around us. 

We couldn't do this without our outstanding artists, donors, members, sponsors, and community partners. It takes a village, and in this case twelve, to support the arts in the Lake Sunapee Region. 

Your donation touches many aspects of the community as you can see below. Consider making a donation, becoming a member, an artist insider, sponsor, gallery partner or community partner today! 

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Your donation makes a difference

The Center for the Arts relies on the generosity of individuals like yourself to do our part in creating a vibrant community where everyone is positively impacted by the arts.


Check out the many ways the CFA is enriching the community through the arts!

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