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Youth & Family Arts Opportunities

The Center for the Arts offers a variety of arts programs for youth and families to engage in. 


The Next Generation

The arts are essential for youth development, fostering critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and confidence. Engaging in artistic activities allows young people to explore their creativity, develop a sense of identity, and cultivate valuable life skills. By nurturing artistic talent and providing access to arts education, we can ensure the continuation of these benefits into the next generation, contributing to a more vibrant, empathetic, and innovative society.

Art Fun

Kid Art Activities

Jan-March in 2024

During the long winter months, the CFA partnered with the NL Town Rec Department to offer family arts and craft activities for young artists to explore their creativity. 

Once a month Whipple Hall was filled with the bustle of families working on crafts and reading stories as they enjoyed creative time together. 

Arts Afterschool

New London & Sunapee

First ever Arts Afterschool program in partnership with The Outing Club. The CFA offered arts after school projects at New London and Sunapee Elementary Schools providing students unique opportunities to explore their creative potential. These programs serve as vibrant hubs for fostering artistic expression, community engagement, and personal growth in both towns.


The Outing Club aims to give every child in the community access to programs for sports, education, and the arts. They are most well-known for the variety of sports they offer including skiing, basketball, and soccer where children and their parents will be without the worry of cost.

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Family Resources

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