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Center for the Arts

Artist Guilds

The Center for the Arts (CFA) offers a place for artists to gather and belong. Whether you are a musician, thespian, visual artist, writer, or educator, we invite you to join us!

The Literary Artist Guild, traditionally centered around poets, is now expanding to encompass all writing disciplines. As part of this growth, we’re inviting writers, authors, and poets to join us in establishing a vibrant community for creative expression and sharing. Our aim is to create a space where writers can flourish and showcase their work. Additionally, in collaboration with partners in our community, we’re actively developing initiatives to further enrich our literary endeavors.

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Performing Arts School

The Performing Artist Guild is dedicated to nurturing excellence, mastery, and inspiration across a range of performing arts, including theatre, dance, music, and storytelling. Our activities extend beyond traditional performances to include community events like Ladies Night and dance showcases, as well as cultural programs such as Irish step dancing and programs exploring historical and humanities themes.

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In the Visual Artist Guild, we strive for excellence, mastery, and inspiration in all mediums including painting, photography, and mixed media. Our offerings include informational sessions for visual artists, exhibitions and shows at new gallery locations, opportunities for promoting artists’ work, and critique sessions to support their growth and development.

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Arts Education

Arts Education

Our Arts Education initiatives focus on nurturing the artistic talents of youth in grades K-12. We provide various opportunities, including scholarships, school and teacher grants, arts contests, and activities. Through scholarships awarded to deserving students, grants for schools and teachers, and engaging contests, we aim to foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts among young learners in our community.

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The Colors of the Artist Guilds

Along with redesigning the website, CFA has designed a new logo with three prominent colors to represent the three artist guilds with CFA. Burgundy at the top of the circle is a representation of sophistication for the Visual Artist Guild while the blue in the center is representative of both the pen and the thoughtful, subdued nature of the Literary Artist Guild. Towards the bottom of the circle, the teal stands for the bold creativity of the Performance Artists Guild.

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