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The Center for the Arts (CFA) is grateful for the generous support of those who appreciate and contribute to keeping the arts alive in our region. For these outstanding individuals, we offer a membership to provide added benefits in gratitude of any contributions. Donor members receive the following benefits for their minimum contribution of $50.

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All members are invited to our free gratitude event in September

Membership, making a difference in the arts

Becoming a member of the CFA or joining as a guild member offers exclusive access to a variety of year-round events and programs at discounted rates or for free.

Whether you're an enthusiast or an artist, this membership provides exposure to performances, exhibitions, and workshops while fostering connections within the creative community.


Your membership offers resources and support to nurture the arts and creativity in the Lake Sunapee Region and beyond.  Joining either as a CFA member or a guild member unlocks a vibrant cultural hub where creativity thrives and connections flourish.

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Become a member today

Membership runs from May 1-April of each year

Artist Guild Membership

Visual Artist Guild members painting picture photography beauty drawing opportunity youth contests
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Performing Performance Artist Guild members plays performances dance music beauty opportunity youth contests
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Literary artist guild poem writing workshops contests winners

Artist Guild Membership


The CFA is all about supporting, promoting, and connecting our guild artists to community.

Becoming part of a CFA Artist Guild in the literary, performing, or visual arts offers a host of exclusive benefits tailored to support your artistic journey.

Whether you're a visual, performance, or literary artist, membership provides opportunities such as showcasing your work in prestigious events, being featured on our website, and gaining access to a network of like-minded creatives.


Enjoy complimentary digital subscriptions to our newsletters, discounts on admission to guild-only events, and the chance to participate in special exhibitions and performances.


Join us to elevate your craft, expand your network, and immerse yourself in a vibrant community dedicated to fostering artistic growth and creativity.

Become a Guild member by filling in the below information.

Membership runs from May 1-April of each year

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