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CFA Performing Artist Guild

The Center for the Arts (CFA) Performance Artist Guild (PAG) is open to thespians, musicians, dancers, and other creatives who have a passion for the stage. This membership gives access to CFA’s digital newsletter, discounts on events and webinars, artist features on CFA’s website and Facebook, and opportunities to perform at various events. 

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First Fridays

The First Friday Art Experiences program is a vibrant celebration of local creativity, bringing communities together to immerse themselves in the diverse world of art. On the first Friday of each month, this initiative transforms streets and venues into dynamic galleries, showcasing the work of talented artists and fostering a lively atmosphere of cultural exchange. Attendees have the opportunity to engage with a variety of artistic expressions, from visual arts to live performances, creating an accessible and enriching platform that strengthens the bond between artists and the public. The First Friday Art Experiences program is a testament to the power of art to unite, inspire, and invigorate communities.

Native Drums

Cultural Events

The cultural events hosted by the PAG are dynamic celebrations that ignite creativity, foster community engagement, and enrich the cultural landscape. From vibrant art exhibitions showcasing diverse perspectives to captivating live performances spanning music, theater, and dance, these events offer a kaleidoscope of experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Through workshops, lectures, and interactive demonstrations, the center cultivates a vibrant hub where individuals can explore their artistic passions, exchange ideas, and deepen their understanding of the arts. By curating an eclectic mix of programming that reflects the richness and diversity of human expression, the organization plays a pivotal role in nurturing creativity, promoting cultural exchange, and shaping a more vibrant and inclusive society.

How to Join or Support

Membership in the Performing Artist Guild gives access to all events at a free or discounted rate, a listing on our website, the opportunity to post on our blog, an artist spotlight on our Facebook page and website during the year, and more. The guild also provides artists with critiques and other opportunities.

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