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Dance serves as a universal language: fostering cultural expression, connection, and understanding within communities worldwide. Its significance extends beyond mere entertainment as it embodies traditions, narratives, and emotions, enriching the cultural fabric of society. Through movement, dance transcends boundaries, promoting unity and celebrating diversity, making it an integral part of both the arts and community cohesion.


Dance Arts

A Lake Sunapee Region Dance Academy focusing on a welcoming and encouraging environment for all ages and abilities of dancers. With recreational and competitive opportunities, the professional staff at DAA bring energy, fun, passion, and many years of dance instruction and experience to the students.


KCPA is a recognized non-profit 501(c)3 educational performing arts conservatory, focusing on teaching students of all abilities and ages. Each of KCPA’s Instructors have a Masters Degree or equivalent professional experience. We train our students in an environment that promotes excellence, confidence, and self-discipline. We work with and perform for many local community events to encourage harmony and good will within the Kearsarge area.

Newport Ballroom

The Newport Ballroom offers a variety of dance lessons, dance instruction, and opportunities for socializing and having fun on the dance floor. Whether you are looking for Ballroom Dance lessons, Swing, Salsa, First Dance lessons for your upcoming nuptials, performance or competition opportunities or just a place to make new friends.

Stardance Studio

Stardance Studio offers both dance and gymnastics to its students. 

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