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CFA Artists Emergency Relief Fund

We are here to help artists in need.

Get The Help You Need

The CFA Artists Emergency Relief Fund offers support to professional artists facing significant disruptions. Eligible applicants must demonstrate their status as professional artists and submit an application for review by the CFA Executive Committee. Recipients are encouraged to contribute back to the community through future participation in CFA events.


The CFA Artists Emergency Relief Fund is a fund of last resort available to CFA members.

Individuals are eligible to apply for these funds who can demonstrate their status as: A professional artist who has suffered a disaster which significantly interrupts or prevents them from making or performing their art form and earning a living, and for whom said disaster creates an emergency situation and need for immediate relief funds. The artist must be a permanent resident of the United States.

The CFA defines a disaster as: A physical circumstance that significantly and adversely affects an artists ability to produce and/or market their work.

The CFA defines a professional artist as: An individual committed to their art form, whose primary source of income for the past two years is derived from their personal creation of visual, written, or performance work. One’s work should show technical competency as well as personal identity. The applicant must be a professional artist at the time of application and for a minimum of two years prior to the date on which the grant is requested.

Individuals who are eligible for consideration must fill out and return an application and furnish requested information.

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt by the CFA Executive Committee. The Committee will make every effort to expedite the decision making process. 

Recipients of the CFA Artists Emergency Relief Fund are asked to “Pay it Back” or “Pay it Forward” by performing or volunteering at a CFA event in the future. 

The CFA allows an artist to reapply for a grant one year after the initial funds have been made.

All information provided by applicants will remain confidential. 

The CFA does not discriminate against applicants based on race, creed, color, age, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Download Application Here

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