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Annual Report

Annual Report

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The Center for the Arts is proud of its accomplishments thanks to the incredible support of donors, members, community partners, business partners, gallery owners, and of course, local artists. 

Check out this latest annual report to join us in celebrating this incredible year. 

To view our annual report, 

A Note from CFA Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that part of what makes art so fascinating is that it’s human. With the rise of artificial intelligence, it’s never been more important to discuss this matter. To me, the arts has always been about story. Story is creative, story is flowing, story is LIVED. We either experience it firsthand by creating it, express it through sound and movement, or articulate it in words to convey the stories of LIFE.


Part of what many of us appreciate about the various arts is its humanity. Yes, a computer can assemble stories and present them through algorithms and code. It can generate visually stunning images pieced together from data of the past. However, what it cannot yet do is convey the personal journey behind the creation of that art. It cannot express the years of struggle, the doubts faced during the creative process, the fulfillment of dreams after countless hours of practice, nor the joy poured into every brushstroke.


The Center for the Arts exists for the LIVES that the arts touch, encompassing both the artists and the community that can be enriched by the creativity of literary, performing, and visual artists. We support, promote, and connect artists of all ages within our community, with the ongoing goal of ensuring that the arts continue to LIVE in the Lake Sunapee Region.


Thanks to you and your continued support, we will share more stories to enrich lives through the arts. I hope you will celebrate the 2023 accomplishments with us as we look forward to more in 2024!


Dena Stahlheber

Executive Director

"Story is creative, story is flowing, story is LIVED."
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