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Kevin Tarleton

NH Dance Studio Owner and Performer

Co-founders Kevin and Angela Tarleton have their Masters Degrees, and ran a similar Conservatory in Texas for 22 years prior to relocating to New Hampshire. Between the two, they have taught all ages and levels of performing arts as well as at universities and both national and international workshops.  They also have logged thousands of hours performing in musical theatre, Shakespeare, classical theatre, contemporary theatre, children’s theatre and all forms of dance. They have two children, Alyssa and Jonmichael, whom have performed and taught with them as well.

Miss Angela has a magic touch with her Pre-Schooler’s. Teaching  LITTLES IN MOTION, a Music, Ballet, Tap and Tumbling Combo Class. A few years ago year by popular demand many families in Warner asked Angela to start a class for 2 and 1/2 year olds which she named MINI’S IN MOTION. It is a combo class that offers: music, movement/dance and tumbling.  After the first day Lizzy one of Angela’s new students came out and said to her mother “Mommy I had so big fun with Miss Anga!”

We are so honored that our beloved “Miss Angela” Angela Tarleton was named COMMUNITY MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2020 by the Lake Sunapee Regional Chamber Commerce! KCPA is beloved in our surrounding communities and in 2019 was recognized by the Lake Sunapee Regional Chamber of Commerce as the very first “NON-PROFIT OF THE  YEAR.” These honors are due in part to her performance company ART IN MOTION and volunteer work fundraising through KCPA, public schools, and local and national organizations.

 Kevin and Angela have a strong focus on technical training, they also strongly believe in fostering students talents through performance, composition and creating.  Their vision of versatile programming allows KCPA to better serve the Kearsarge region and surrounding communities by providing something for everyone!


33 North Road

Warner, NH


(603) 456-2478


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