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Jean Cronin Connolly


Jean has always been intrigued by new places and people. Traveling around the world has led her to beautiful vistas, fascinating cultures, and unforeseen discoveries. Journeying through life with an appreciation of differences and an eye for the unexpected has inspired her to create art that captures that spirit.

As a fine art photographer and painter, Jean also views her immediate world with the same sense of wonder. Watching snow fall, a stream flowing, or clouds dispersing in the sky all create that same feeling of unexpected discoveries.

Observing the way light reflects on a lake, a ceramic bowl, or a copper pot, the way it penetrates glass, water, or mist, the way it illuminates rooftops, trees, or a child’s face, and expressing it is Jean's challenge. It is the differences in the light, the fascinating way it plays on the surface, the way it changes the spectrum of colors, and the unforeseen effects it has on those who view it that make it all worth capturing.

Jean's art is her journey through which she explores the subtle yet amazing differences around us and shares them with others so that they, too, can be captured by this spirit of life.


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