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CFA’s Refreshed Logo Celebrates Guilds

Updated: 3 days ago

The beginning of the year is a time of change and renewal. Alongside the redesign of the website, Center for the Arts (CFA) also has a new logo. This new sleek and modern logo is representative of all of CFA’s artist guilds while also giving a consistent symbol to use across all communications.

While the previous logo was strong, the refreshed logo builds upon it by adding to the story of the CFA. It will be seen in various ways: on the new website, social media, and printed on brochures. Using the previous circular logo as a framework, the redesign consists of three distinct colors that correspond with each guild. These colors will also be incorporated within the theme of CFA’s website and other communications.

Burgundy at the top of the circle is a representation of the richness and sophistication for the Visual Artist Guild conveys.

Moving to the center of the circle, blue personifies both the pen and the thoughtful, subdued nature of the Literary Artist Guild.

Towards the bottom of the circle, the teal stands for the bold creativity and expression of the Performance Artists Guild.

Bringing all three guilds together in this way creates a sense of cohesion between artists while also celebrating their unique characteristics.

The CFA is proud to share this new logo with the community and all it represents for pursuing its mission to enrich lives by supporting, promoting, and connecting the literary, performing, and visual artists of all ages to our communities.



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