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Scott Biron

Fly Tying Artist

Scott Biron began his journey in fly tying and fly fishing in the 1960s in the North County of New Hampshire. His favorite fishing spot is the Androscoggin River, and he has extensive experience fishing many streams north of Route 26 in NH. Scott is a respected fly-tying instructor for NH Fish & Game and is well-known for his workshops at national, international, and regional shows. In 2017, he received an NH Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant, which allowed him to study Traditional New England Streamer patterns and Classic Salmon Flies, eventually earning him the title of Master Artist in the Traditional Arts Program. He mentored an apprentice in 2021 and is particularly interested in preserving the historical NH fly tyers' lost patterns. Scott has contributed extensively to this cause through publications, research, and instruction. His teaching style emphasizes the history of fly tyers and their flies, and he teaches individuals of all ages. With expertise in large group instruction, Scott offers numerous fly-tying classes throughout the year. For several years, he volunteered as an instructor at NH Fish & Game's Camp Barry's Fish Camp, impacting over 50 campers through his fly tying and fly fishing instruction. Scott is affiliated with several organizations, including the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, and is an American Museum of Fly Fishing Ambassador. He shares his knowledge and expertise with fellow enthusiasts as a regular contributor to the Fly Dressers Guild Journal and the NH Wildlife Journal. Scott is also part of the Partridge of Redditch, Sprite Hooks, HMH Vise, Cortland, Riversmith, and Ewing Feather Birds Pro Teams. His collaboration with Ewing led to the release of a signature series line of feathers bearing his name.


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