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Deborah Bacon


Deborah Ann Bacon, an esteemed artist from the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire, embarked on her artistic journey through formal training at Keene State College and Colby Sawyer College. Having ventured beyond the region to pursue a career in commercial art, Deborah returned to Sunapee with her husband and daughter, channeling her aspirations toward a career in the fine arts. Deborah has attributed much of her success to studying under various talented artists. While delving into diverse artistic media, Deborah has devoted recent years to plein-air oil painting, a craft she initially adopted under the guidance of Fran Weston Hoyt, a protégé of the esteemed artist Frank DuMond. By assimilating DuMond’s techniques and palette, she has consistently strived to capture the awe-inspiring local landscapes on canvas.

Artist Statement:


 The expression of painting has brought me to find a balance and blending of daily life and spirituality. Revealing beauty in simplicity and allowing me to know that there truly are, no ordinary moments. Every painting is a new experience. I love most to stand at the valley's edge with my easel and canvas before me and onto it, creating the depth of sky and hills with every brushstroke. My lifelong love of Animals has also led me to expand my painting horizons to capture their magnificence on canvas! I continue to paint Plein-air in the midst of nature's beauty along with other fellow artists and in my studio. I also strive to experiment with new ideas and techniques. 

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