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Kathy Lowe

NH Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer

Kathy is a NH Native and reigns from a Vaudeville/Circus family who settled in So. Sutton.

With 14 albums of original music recorded over 45 years, her songs range widely in genre:

holiday/seasonal carols, children’s tunes, earth/spirit/ chants, songs of humor, wordplay, and songs of love and struggle.

To Kathy, songwriting is an inner personal journey in search of a universal thread. With voice, guitar, percussion, dulcimer, sound scape tools, and Sruti Box, Kathy is known to mix many medias with her many hats, creating Performance Art, Photography, Video, and Sound Healing, with her music at the center.

Face Book: (3pages) Kathy Lowe — Petreflections — Kathy Lowe Music

YouTube , Reverbnation, Spotify, Sound Cloud

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