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Peter Anderson, Abstract Artist


Peter Anderson is an abstract artist from Roswell, New Mexico. His art was recently showcased in one of CFA’s microgalleries at the Connolly Foyer in the Fleming Center.


Anderson describes the 24 works on display as abstract maps of significant places in his life. Growing up in the American Southwest, he visited many historical ruins throughout Colorado and New Mexico which inspired several pieces in this exhibit.


Maps have always been an area of interest for Anderson, but the inspiration to represent places as abstract maps came to him after a friend gifted him several topographical maps of New Hampshire a few years ago.


According to Anderson, there is a tension in his work between the organic shapes of the landscape and the inorganic geometric shapes that signify the mark humans have left on the land. He offsets this tension by using mainly pastel colors with a few choices of bold colors.


The works included in this exhibit were inspired by his childhood, his travel during a career in international business, and his time in New Hampshire.



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