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Spotlight on Ken Tentarelli: Local Author Writes Renaissance Mysteries

Updated: 3 days ago

Meet Author Ken Tentarelli

Ken Tentarelli

The Center for the Arts (CFA) is pleased to support Literary Artists across all genres. Ken is a prolific local author that we are blessed to have in our midst. Learn more about this talented writer in the following biography.


Ken Tentarelli developed a passion for Italian history in his frequent travels along the Italian peninsula, from the majestic Alps to the sun-soaked southern coast of Sicily. He studied Italian culture and language in Rome and Perugia. Those travels and study led him to write his first novel, The Laureate. Set during the Renaissance, The Laureate is the story of a young law school graduate who is recruited to defend his beloved city of Florence against power-hungry aristocrats.


In its starred review, Publishers Weekly called The Laureate, “a page-turning and suspenseful plot,” and said, “Readers will eagerly await the sequel.” Encouraged by that review, Ken wrote the next book in the series, The Advisor, which had protagonist Nico Argenti helping a beleaguered village resist the intimidation of a rogue knight.


The Nico Argenti series has now expanded to five books, (a sixth is underway) with Nico’s adventures taking him to Milan, Bologna, and Pisa. The series has placed on Amazon’s bestseller list and garnered numerous awards, most recently the 2024 Independent Press Award.


You can learn more about Ken’s books on his website

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