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Jean Twombly

Stained Glass

Jean Twombly has been creating glass art since the mid 1990s. Trained in the techniques used by the glass masters of the early 20th century, she infuses modern sensibilities into her glass designs, challenging the solid nature of glass to move into curve, color, light and dimension. Her work is inspired by nature and by sound, and in service of this inspiration, she looks for the architecture of a subject and distills it to discover its underlying essence and simplicity.

In her Waterscapes series, she develops form and line into an expression of waves, wind ruffled lakes and quiet ponds. In the Music at Work series, she seeks to convey with color, form and line the experience of hearing music. In the Earthscapes series, she molds the diverse textures, transparencies and colors of glass into an experience that mirrors a moment in nature.

Her work can be seen in art shows and galleries in New England and in Hawaii, including the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, The Worcester Center for Crafts, the Naturally New England Art Show, and Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, Hawaii.


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