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CFA Volunteer Celebration!

CFA volunteers are a crucial aspect of the programs and events offered. A main focus of this organization is to support and connect artists to the community, and volunteers help achieve that goal in many ways.


Unlike other organizations in other regions, Sunapee’s CFA encompasses a wide array of art forms within its reach. While other organizations focus mainly on visual and performing arts, CFA also embraces literary artists from throughout the Sunapee region. 


Volunteers at events such as last summer’s Naturally New England exhibit hang art in the gallery space, handle sales of art, and speak with visitors of the galleries about the art and artists.


For the performing arts space, volunteers act as ushers and help set up performance spaces such as Whipple Hall ahead of performances.


Literary arts volunteers help support writers and poets in their endeavors such as the annual Visual Verse poetry book.


This year, CFA has over 30 different events and programs planned for the community. Volunteer opportunities are available for many of these events and programs. Anyone interested in volunteering can visit or email

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