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Chasing Daylight

Pat Tivnan

Chasing Daylight

The light was gently fading / "Just enough time to stretch our legs"
Joy exploded from eyes first then down to tail
She reached for the leash-just a necklace she wore for show
Up the trail by the old farmhouse, empty now for winter
Free range chickens blocked summer hikes
They both remembered his jaws around one-though he did spit it out
Sepia leaves, crinching loudly,
Dangerously camouflagign the holes between the stones,
Carefully she went up-Just a little more
The sun was aiming for the ridge line-Just a little more
He danced back and forth, side to side / Waiting, watching, grinning
then a decision point / One last look at the weakening sun
"Let's go the long way"

Chasing daylight
Moving quickly but mindfully / Down the slope to the woods trail
Reveling in the sweet aroma, the crazy warmth of a November day
The forest quiet and resting now
Side by side the way they have travelled / For almost a decade now

Swapping companionship, protection, joy
Chasing daylight
Turning to home just as dusk takes over
Soon to his bed by the fire-the big head drops but he still watches her
"We won" his grin says
Chasing daylight.

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