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Wishing for Snow

Mariam Talcott

Wishing for Snow

I whish that snow would fall,
For us all.
Soft, white, flakes of cold,
Melting, when you hold,
Now water, cold, cold, cold!

Angels, stamped to the ground,
The old ones
Snow buried, and lost,
But new ones found
Each child has made seven
Of the angels, not born in heaven.
And now complete, their sweet lullaby song,
Thinking, deciding, time to move along!

Now, the Great Winter War,
Clamping snow into balls,
One, two, three, four!
And throw some more.
Being chased, 
And running in haste, 
Los of laughter in the air,
cold bodies and frozen hair.

But now the sky is darkening,
And it's time to go indoors.
(Even little critters are off their fours).
It's time to sit and rest
Sipping hot cocoa,
It's the best

And, now, think back to 
All we know,
About what to do
When it finally snows.

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