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Tom Pirozzoli

Painter and Musician

For more than thirty years Tom’s simple path has been a life rich in music, art and travel, yielding a career filled with nine studio albums, numerous songwriting credits, and collaborations with other artists such as Willy Porter, Joyce Andersen and David Wilcox.

Tom’s sophisticated guitar work forms the rich backdrop for his warm tenor that delivers melodies and lyrics exploring the full range of the human and global experience.

Tom’s paintings have a distinctive approach that embodies the palette of Matisse, Rothko’s broad bands of color, and the mercurial qualities of American Impressionism. The synthesis of color and his unaffected approach to representation has produced a resonant and evocative body of work.

A self-taught guitarist and painter, Tom’s music found it’s way into New England coffeehouses and street corners at the age of 19. The sense of endless possibility and adventure of the 1970s lead to travels – initially through Europe and South America, later to India and Southeast Asia, then eventually to China and Tibet. His encounters with such an array of people, cultures, and ideas, have contributed to and enriched both his painting, music and lyrical content.

Tom was named a winner in MUSICIAN magazine’s Best Unsigned Band Contest, resulting in a national Warner Bros. Records release. His subsequent album “Travels” (Great Northern Arts) spent 13 weeks in the AAA Charts top 40 albums. Several of his original recordings also reside in the Smithsonian Folkways Collection via Fast Folk Musical Magazine.

In addition to presenting art exhibits, Tom toured internationally—working with artists such as Greg Brown, Jesse Winchester, and Doc Watson. Tom also began performing and collaborating with Milwaukee- based guitarist Willy Porter, co-writing many songs that have been featured on Porter’s albums, including “Try to Forget” and the title song on Willy’s Human Kindness record. L.J. Booth and John Gorka have used Tom’s paintings as CD covers.

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