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Heidi Lorenz


Born in Muenchweiler, Germany - December 18th I spent childhood predominantly in the United Kingdom. Magnificent coastline & pastoral countryside enthused a sensibility toward horses, the sea & country. The love of art formed early through the Illustrations of Anna Sewell’s book 'Black Beauty' and that shaped my initial artistic impressions & also a deep love of horses. Summers were often spent in the United States and then academic periods in the United Kingdom. In my early teens I would walk miles to visit the little 'Red House Museum' in Christchurch, Dorset to witness authentic works of art. Later I was able to travel further and came across the work of artist Lucy Kemp-Welch in Bournemouth's 'Russell-Cotes Museum' and so I travelled and encountered the art & cultural scenes of London, Paris, NY and beyond! Currently, I enjoy the farm life in NH, USA while sharing a home with son Alexander, my two grandchildren and several horses, a dog, two cats, and many chickens.


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