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Literary Partners

Local literary partners, such as libraries, serve as invaluable allies to the Center for the Arts (CFA) by fostering a love for literature and providing access to resources that complement and enhance artistic programming. Collaborating with libraries not only expands the reach of the CFA's initiatives but also strengthens community engagement by offering diverse opportunities for cultural enrichment and lifelong learning. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these local partners, the CFA can create interdisciplinary experiences that bridge the gap between visual arts, performing arts, and literary expression, enriching the cultural fabric of the community.

Read about some of our awesome local library partners below and click their icons or photos to be taken directly to their websites.

ABBOTT Library

Abbot Library

The Abbott Library’s mission is to provide a vibrant, community-supported environment where people turn for the joy of reading, the discovery of ideas and the power of knowledge. Through innovation and responsiveness, the library provides free and open access to materials, services and programming for personal enrichment, enjoyment and life-long learning.

brown memorial library nh new hampshire

Brown Memorial Library

The public library in Bradford was established at the town meeting in march 1893 and three trustees were elected at that time. The state furnished the library with books to the value of one hundred dollars, under the statute of 1891 relating to the establishment of free libraries. There had previously been an association library and they donated their entire collection of standard works. ​

george gamble

George Gamble Library

The George Gamble Library is Danbury, N.H.’s public library. The Trustees usually meet once a month at the library. Postings of the meeting date, time, and agenda can be found at the library, post office, and town hall. Meeting minutes are drafted in five days, approved at the next meeting, and kept for public viewing at the library and town hall.

newbury public library

Newbury Library

The Newbury Public Library provides free and equal access to cultural and educational experiences and resources. We celebrate knowledge and promote creativity, while striving to connect our community and enhance the quality of life in our town.

richards free library

Richards Free Library

The Seth Mason Richards House, housing the Richards Free Library and the Library Arts Center, is a historic house, public library, and art gallery at 58 North Main Street in Newport, New Hampshire. Presently they do not have a website.


Tracy Memorial Library

Tracy Memorial Library serves the New London community by providing access to diverse ideas and information through a wide variety of library materials, services, technology, and programs.


Andover Libraries

Our library in Andover is made up of two libraries! One in Andover and one in East Andover to serve both communities. Each library has its own unique collection of books, magazines, movies, audio books, and more for loan. Check their website for more info.

Reading Icon

Dunbar Library

The Dunbar Free Library is a free resource to all residents in the town of Grantham, NH.
We encourage and provide opportunities for lifelong learning and cultural enrichment for all families and individuals. The Dunbar Free Library supports the expanding and diverse needs of the community by offering information for practical living related to work, school, and personal life. We strive to maintain high interest and current materials along with the latest technological resources. We serve as a community center that offers materials and programs for adults, young adults, and children.

The History of the Springfield Library

Libbie Cass Library

This library located in Springfield, NH, is named after former librarian Libbie Cass and hosts a number of programs for adults, teens, and kids. Services they offer (but are not limited to) are digital formats, curbside delivery, and tech help. You can sign up for a library card online, though proof of address will be needed in-person.

pillsbury logo

Pillsbury Library

The Pillsbury Free Library shall serve the public by providing the freedom and opportunity to access information, knowledge, and ideas from a wide variety of sources. The Library shall support the informational, intellectual, and recreational enrichment of the community, in cooperation with other organizations.

Sutton Free Library C Geraghty Drawing

Sutton Free Library

Their mission states: “The Mission of Sutton Free Library is to support inquiry, literacy and collaboration by connecting the people of Sutton with the resources they need. The Trustees recognize that achievement of this mission requires ongoing community input as well as partnership with local and regional entities.”

wilmot library

Wilmot Library

New Hampshire was the first state in the union to pass a law authorizing towns to raise money to establish and maintain their own libraries. This was in 1849, and Peterborough, New Hampshire, was the first town in the country to establish a library. It took Wilmot a few more years to follow suit. For a while the only library was at the North Wilmot Meeting House. This was the Sunday School Library. Books were kept at the Meeting House and the superintendent could check books out to students. How this worked in Wilmot, we do not know yet.

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