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CFA Programs and Events

The Center for the Arts (CFA) offers a variety of art programs for all ages to enjoy. 

January through October learn more about the area and local humanities from experts. HuManities Mondays is a one-hour monthly series that takes place every third Monday at Whipple Hall in New London.

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The CFA is delighted to offer scholarships to aspiring students in the Lake Sunapee Region, allowing them to pursue their artistic interests. We also provide grants to assist teachers in implementing arts programs within our schools.

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Discover a variety of art programs designed for children and families to spark creativity and exploration. From visual arts to performing arts, people of all ages can immerse themselves in a world of artistic expression and discovery.


Indulge in a diverse selection of complimentary arts activities suitable for all ages, including captivating live performances, leisurely gallery strolls, and an array of engaging experiences.

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The CFA hosts a diverse range of exclusive arts events all year round, catering to the interests of the community. These events include both free and ticketed options, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage with and appreciate the arts. 

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Accessibility Disclaimer


The affairs, bylaws, recommendations and resolutions of the Association shall be in compliance with all Federal and State statues concerning equal opportunity, and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry or disability, and further shall promote a workplace free of sexual harassment. Programs are held in venues meeting ADA requirements.

The Center for the Arts makes every effort to make our programs accessible to all regardless of economic or physical limitations. If you have a specific need, please contact us prior to the event.

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