Center for the Arts-2017 Artist Members

Marc Beerman
Carol Belliveau
Maria Blanck
Kathy Lowe Bloch
David Blohm
Anne Boisvert
Sue Anne Bottomley
Simon Brooks
Debbie Campbell
Jeanne Canty
Larry & Susan Chase
Ruth Chase
Jean Cronin Connolly
Grace Cooper
Patricia Corlin
Betsy Craumer
Rosemarie Cravens
Andrew & Elizabeth D'Amico
Barbara Danser
Dan Allen & Nat Davis
Nicole Densmore
Elizabeth Derrick
Linda Dessaint
Joan Doran
sherie dowsett
Caroline Fairless
Harriet Fingeroth
Jay Fitzpatrick
Jessica Fligg
Ludmilla Gayvoronsky
Mary Gerakaris
Paul Glorioso
Laura K. Graveline
Ellen Griffin
Laurence Harper
Christine Hawkins
Jack Hawkins
Linda Hefner
Loren Howard
Barbara Hunting
Carolyn Imura
Nancy Jarvis
lisa jelleme
Kate Kilgus
Wayne King
Penny Koburger
victoria koron
Jim and Jean Lambert
Molly Leith
Mark Lennon
Lucy Lesmerises
Nancy Lindsey
Aline Lotter
Lynn McDermott
Margaret Merritt
Joan H.Miller
Faith Minton
Elizabeth Moore
Gwen Nagel
James O'Donnell
Bruce Parsons
Tom Pirozzoli
Kirk Ramsey
Adele Sanborn
don schad
Alan Schulman
Ken Schuster
Barbara Scott
Susan Showalter
yvonne shukovsky
Lynn Solomon
Jean Stimmell
Rick Stockwell
Edward Thomas
David B. Tibbetts
Barbara Troxell
Dianalee Velie
Roger Wells
Mary Beth Westward
Mimi Wiggin
Sam Wild
Loa Winter
Karen Winterholer

Sasha Wolfe
Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink
Conrad Young
Lucy Young

​​​Penny Koburger​

Sasha Wolfe

Karen Winterholer

Barbara Danser


Ken Schuster

Barbara Scott

Barbara Troxell

LB Chase

Larry Harper


Ludmila Gayvoronsky

Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink

Jean Cronin Connolly

Mary Gerakaris

Sue Anne Bottomley

Vicki Koron

Yvonne Shukovsky

Lisa Jelleme

Elizabeth D'Amico

Tom Pirozzoli

Barbara Hunting


Visual Artists

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 Artists Links

Visual Artists' Opportunities

CFA Artist Members are entitled to be listed on this ARTIST PAGE, be considered for exhibits in one of our MicroGalleries, and participate in the Visual Artists' Guild which meets once a month.

If you are not yet a member, you may JOIN HERE

For more information, please contact us at 526-4444 or email us at

Marianne's website
Rette's website

Marianne Stillwagon

Paul Glorioso 

Rose Cravens

Sasha's website

Corbett Leith